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Austerlitz, September 16th 2023

Sunset on Santon hill

19th Trophée du Bicentenaire, January 24th 2016 in Vanves

The last Champagne toast! Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

Waterloo Bicentenary Celebrations, June 18th 2015

Vive l'Empereur!

Waterloo Bicentenary Celebrations, June 18th 2015

The Last Square (Jean-Marc Labeyrie, Eric Teng, Yves Lestang, Frédéric Bey, Eric Sublet) on Waterloo battlefield.

Waterloo Bicentenary Celebrations, June 18th 2015

French infantry at Waterloo.

17th Trophée du Bicentenaire, January 18th 2014 in Vanves

General view of the Hanau 1813 (VaeVictis Wargames Collection) tournament.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield (Missouri), August 18 2013

Visit of Wilson's Creek battlefield where was fought, on August 10, 1861, the first major battle of the Western Theater of the American Civil War between Union forces (Nathaniel Lyons) and the Missouri State Guard (Sterling Price).

Mark Herman's visit in Paris, May 22nd 2013

Dinner with Mark Herman, between wargamers and family, in L'Auberge Bressanne.

16th Trophée du Bicentenaire, January 19th 2013 in Vanves

Group photo of the players in the snow, before the start of Berezina 1812 (Ludifolie Editions) tournament.

Convention de l'Ecole de Guerre, June 3rd 2012, Ecole Militaire (Paris)

The author of "Louis XI, le joueur inquiet" plays Montlhéry 1465 (Au Fil de l'Epée) against the "Swords and Crown" (Canons en Carton) designer.

Convention de l'Ecole de Guerre, June 2nd 2012, Ecole Militaire (Paris)

Aspern-Essling 1809 workshop (courtesy Rodger McGowan).

15th Trophée du Bicentenaire, January 17th 2012 in Vanves

Group photo of the players, just before their first round of Fuentes de O–oro 1811 (VaeVictis Wargames Collection).

Games of Berkeley, California, August 24th 2011

Shopping at Games of Bekerley, during my summer holidays in California. The shop is located just beside the Bekerley University and offers a very good selection of wargames.

XIVe Trophée du Bicentenaire, January 9th 2011 in Vanves

Banner created by Rodger McGowan to celebrate the 2000th game played on Jours de Gloire series. Matthieu Nowak (left) and Eric Euben (right) were playing on Coimbra 1810 for this occasion.

Saint-Tropez, August 12th 2010

The castle of Le Bailli de Suffren, one of the greatest French admiral.

Zürich, June 26th 2010

The magnificient flags of the proud Swiss Cantons.

13th Trophée du Bicentenaire, January 17th 2010 in Vanves

Jean-Frédéric Vial sings « Le chant des pontonniers » for the opening on the XIIIe Trophée du Bicentenaire's awards ceremony. Victor-André Masséna, Foundation Napoleon president and great-great-grandson of the Napoleon's Marshall will awards top prize to Germain Gaschet, the tournament's winner. Talk about a link the past!

Visit of HMS Belfast, July 23rd 2009 in London

Very intestring visit done with my son Etienne during our family holidays in London.

Visit of the exile house of the future Napoleon III, Avril 22nd 2009 in Arenenberg

Taking advantage of a business seminar in Wolfsberg, I got the opportunity to visit Arenenberg Castle, where Hortense de Beauharnais and his son Louis-Napoleon lived during their exile in Switzerland. Empress Eugenie offered the castle to Canton of Thurgovia when she died.

Swords of Rome, March 6th 2009 in Meudon

Frédéric Bey (on the left, Carthaginians) and Eric Sublet (on the right, Romans), during a 5 players Sword of Rome game with Jean-Marc Labeyrie (Gauls), Yves Lestang (Greeks) and Eric Teng (Etrusco-Samnites and winner). Eric Sublet won the first Trophée du Bicentenaire in 1998 and is also the webmaster of this site.

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